Meet the Team

Ms. Jennifer Sharples, BSc., MA., PgCert., CELTA., PgDp.
Acting Principal

  • An experienced administrator and language arts specialist with over 25 years of experience .
  • Ms. Jennie is enjoying her second year at NVS. Amongst her credentials, she holds a BSc. Business Admin., PgCert Management (Heriot Watt University) an MA in English Language Teaching, PgCert. ELT (University of East London), PgDipl Educational Leadership (University of Roehampton), IBDP Cert., Language and Literature and AP Cert. Language and Literature. She is completing her thesis for her MA in Educational Leadership. She is also the author of a number of books. The mother of three children .
  • Ms. Jennie thoroughly understands issues from a parental perspective. She believes the key to successful leadership lies in collaboration, problem-solving, integrity, passion, creativity, empowerment and a strong commitment to each and every student.

Ms. Hala Salah, BSc., MA.
IT Director

Ms.Mandy Flowers BSc. Teaching Cert.
Kindergarten Teacher and Pre-School Coordinator

  • She comes from San Antonio, Texas in the USA.
  • She received her degree in Applied Learning and Development and certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education in 2004 from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • She has since worked in South Korea, Japan, the UAE, and Azerbaijan totaling 12 years of experience in the classroom and 5 in administration.
  • Her specialty is literacy acquisition in second language learners, as it was the focus of her studies and most of her experience.
  • Her approach to education is discovery based and she provides as many opportunities for hands-on learning as possible.
  • Mandy is looking forward to her second year leading NVS pre-school.
  •  Children of this age are the most fun for her to teach, and she feels fortunate to be able to work with them. 

Ms. Allyson Auger, BSc., MSc. Teaching Cert.,
Special Needs Coordinator

  • From the USA, Ms Allyson is entering her second year at NVS.
  • A native of Florida, she was an Exceptional Student Education teacher in both middle and high schools there for over ten years.
  • She holds a BSc. in Exceptional Student Education from the University of Central Florida, and an MSc. Education with a Specialization in Special Education from Capella University.
  • She is certified from the state of Florida to teach Exceptional Student Education K-12, Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum 5-9 an ESOL.
  • Ms Allyson believes that Inclusion is an important part of education not only for the Special Education student but also for those students in the general education classroom because it teaches them acceptance and patience.

Ms. Sharifa Pardes, BA.
Library Teacher

  • Ms Sharifa has a BA in Law from Glasgow University, and one year`s credit in PGCE primary teaching from Strathclyde University. She can speak five languages, which allows her to easily integrate into different cultures, and be an asset to students who do not have English as their first language. She has worked with the UN as a gender representative for child refugees, a cultural advisor and a translator for Home Office (UK).
  • She is in her third year at NVS and in her second year of operating the library, promoting students reading skills, building their vocabulary, and improving their speaking skills. She does this through structured lessons, where students read, use critical thinking to evaluate and interpret the text, write about their understanding of themes and structure of sentences. Most importantly, students share their ideas and discuss their view points on different styles of writing. Ms. Sharifa endeavours to imbibe all students with a love of books and reading.

Ms. Afsana Khatun, BA., PGCE.
Grade 3 Elementary Teacher

  • Originally from London, Afsana is very pleased to be here in Sudan and to be teaching at Nile Valley School. She loves travelling and has taught in Asia and the Middle East. She enjoys cultural events and new experiences and is impatient to see what Sudan has in store for her
  • Sports and being creative is something that she loves. Her hobbies include badminton and swimming. She likes reading books and working with the community and is looking forward to participating in the organization of charity events with the help of our students.
  • Afsana originates from a large family and has three brothers and three sisters and one cat! She claims to be a huge “foodie” and loves trying different cuisines.

Mr. James Foley, BSc., MA, CELTA
Grade 5 Elementary Teacher

  • This is Mr. Jim’s first year at Nile Valley School and he is delighted to be joining the school in Year 5. Before starting his teaching career, he completed all his undergraduate degrees (Arts, Education, and Special Education) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Also, in Canada, he completed a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) at a private language institute in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He also holds an MA Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University, Australia. He has over thirty years of teaching experience having taught in Canada, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. He is especially looking forward to going on field trips with my Grade Five class.
  • Mr. Jim loves supporting his students to be the best they can be. He is impressed by Nile Valley School and believes that the children are very fortunate to be in such a happy, achieving school with a strong, positive management team. Mr. Jim believes that the success of every child in his class will make his position as a Grade 5 teacher a rewarding one. In any school, the commitment of parents and administrators to the school really does make a big difference.

Suhail Riaz, BSc., BSc.,PGCT
High School Mathematics/Grade 9 Physics and Chemistry

  • Mr Suhail is entering his third year at NVS. Born in Scotland he holds a PGCE secondary teaching certificate from Strathclyde University and a BSc., in Naval Architecture and a BSc. Chemical engineering.
  • He has worked in Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and has taught KS3 Mathematics with three years’ experience in IGCSE. He has also taught middle school Science, emphasizing on the core skills and knowledge required of students to set them up for high school IGCSE.
  • Mr Suhail is an experimental and outgoing individual who enjoys inspiring students to think on their feet and be spontaneous. He believes that critical thinking and self - evaluation is the way to improve performance and analyze how to become an asset to society. He teaches students to be self-reliant and disciplined. Teaching Mathematics and Science are subjects which require many qualities but most importantly steadfastness, and he can help students to develop and strengthen those qualities which will be essential in their everyday lives.

Mr. David Harrison, BA., PgDipl.
Middle School Language Arts and High School Global Perspectives

English and Social Studies Teacher

  • David Harrison is from the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud” (New Zealand). He holds a BA in English Literature and Philosophy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching. A philosophical person who enjoys creative thought, problem solving and thinking outside the box, his goal as a teacher is to deliver engaging lessons that capture his students interests and spark lively discussions. He has several years of experience teaching ESL in South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.  He has several years teaching experience in his home country and holds a current New Zealand teaching certificate.

Mr.Olen King
Sports Teacher

  • Mr Olen is entering his 8th year as a teacher overseas, and his 6th year at Nile Valley School. This will be his first year as a full-time Sports teacher, but it will be his 4th year as a coach here. He has been passionate about sports from a young age. He competed in track (American) . football and basketball in high school, and ran cross country and track in college. He has enjoyed coaching girls basketball and football and he is looking forward to working with all of the kids in the school.
  • Mr. Olen believes that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and that taking care of your body is one of the most important things that a young person can learn to do.

Mr. Mohanned Mustafa, BSC., MA.   .
ICT Teacher IGCSE Curriculum

  • Mr Mohanned has been teaching for 11 years and this is his second year at NVS. Before he joined Nile Valley School he completed his Postgraduate degree at Kent University in the United Kingdom. During that time he also studied at Kings College  London for a term which was unforgettable experience. He then went back and completed his MA degree In ICT with distinction of which he is very proud since it came from one of the top universities in Europe .
  • At Nile Valley his curriculum role is ICT which he very much enjoys teaching year after year and he has achieved a percentage of 75% (A to A*) grades in last year IGCSE results and his goal this year is to achieve even better results this year. He will also be NVS’s MAP testing administrator.

Mr. Padric Matter, BA, Teaching Cert .
Middle School Social Studies/High School Sociology Teacher .

  • Padric has been teaching for four years with three years of international teaching experience.
  • He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University where he majored in History with a minor in English. He is currently enrolled at the University of West Florida finishing his teaching certificate.
  • Padric taught IGCSE Geography in Kyrgyzstan for two years and International Baccalaureate MYP Geography in Mexico for one year.
  • Padric loves to travel and play sports. He will be the coach of the boys’ basketball program at NVS for the upcoming school year. Padric grew up as an international student living in Guam, Mexico, and Poland throughout his academic career. Both of his parents are teachers and he is happy to follow in their footsteps.

Mr. Ibrahim Dawoud Mohamed,BSc,MA.
Islamic Studies Teacher

  • Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies, University of Quran Al Kareem, Khartoum, Sudan

Ms. Sarah El Hadi Mustafa,BSc,MA.
Islamic Studies Teacher

  • Master’s Degree in Arabic Language,University of Quran Al Kareem, Khartoum, Sudan

Ms. Sara Zain El- Abdeen, BSc.,MA.
Sudanese Principal / Registration Director

  • An experienced Registration and language arts specialist with over 15 years of experience .
  • Ms. Sara enjoying her 5th year at NVS and 2nd year as Registrar and Administrative Officer .
  • She Registered as Ph.D. Student in English Language at Neelain University 2017 , holds a BSc. in English Arts from Omdurman Ahlia University , and MA. in English Language from Neelain University .

Mr. Sean Leite: BA., MBA, PgCert Teaching.
High School Economics/Business Studies

Assistant Principal

  • An educational  professional who focuses on the business and economic disciplines,  Mr. Sean has been the vice-principal for two schools, one in South Africa and another in Riyadh KSA. During this time he has taught business and economics and worked in administration. He views multiculturalism as a strength in education and organisations. His view on education is to put the student first in all decisions.
  • Mr. Sean has taught at school, lectured at a university in the discipline of production and quality management and worked in three fields in the business arena, He uses this experience to develop a student that can thrive in the modern economy. He applies local, regional and international examples and scenarios to develop the student’s understanding and application of educational topics in Business Studies and Economics. He is married with two children and enjoys reading and, on occasion, exercise.

Mrs. Huda Abbas M. Fadl, BSc., MA.
Head of NVS High-School

Grade 11 Homeroom Teacher

IGCSE Coordinator

  • Ms. Huda Fadl received a master’s degree in Multicultural Education and Development from Ahfad University for Women 2015, she was at the second place of her batch and holds a BSc in Food Science and Technology from the same University, where in 1999, she was top of her batch.
  • She is currently the IGCSE coordinator for NVS high School. This is her fifth year at N.V.S. A dedicated teacher and administrator.
  • Ms. Huda has taught biology, physical science, college prep and honors from 1995-2000. As a teaching professional and a parent herself, she has a great understanding of her students and how to meet their needs.

Mr. Michael Higgins, BSc, Teaching Cert.
Middle School Mathematics

  • While in college, Mr. Michael was hired as an assistant at a Children’s Center: preschool and pre-K children. He loved the job and within a month was volunteering at the nearby elementary school in the Kindergarten classrooms. There he met two incredible teachers: whom he wanted to emulate and changed his major from engineering to math/education. Mr. Michael’s first year of teaching was with a Kindergarten classroom. He had a lot of fun. Since then he has taught 1st/2nd grade, 4th/5th grade, 7th/8th grade math and history, high school and college math. He has taught in California, Colorado, and Maine. This is his 35th year of teaching and he still loves the job. Mr. Michael has two children: a daughter (age 37) and a son (age 36), and he has 5 grandchildren! He loves to visit with them all! Mr. Higgins enjoys music, art, hiking, gardening, and great stories.

Mrs. Marina Safwat Bahig
Grade 9 Homeroom Teacher

Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Marilyn Kaminski, AA Elementary Education
Nursery Teacher

  • Ms. Marilyn is an American citizen from Micronesia and has lived and taught there and in other countries for over thirty years. She holds an associate degree in Elementary Education and enjoys working most with small children. She recently arrived with her husband from teaching in Myanmar.

Ms. Shelby Pohndorff, BSc., MA, Teaching Cert.,
Grade 2 Elementary Teacher

  • Ms. Shelby has been working in international education for 6 years. She has taught in Spain, Italy, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, and Mexico. This year will be her 4th year as an elementary classroom teacher. She is originally from Illinois where she received a BSc in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ms. Shelby also holds an MA from Concordia University – Portland in International Development and Service. She also holds a Florida teaching qualification with a specialization in K-6 elementary education.
  • Ms. Shelby is an avid traveller who loves to immerse herself into new cultures and learn new perspectives from the people she meets. As an international educator, it is her priority to provide a quality and equitable education to both boys and girls. Her classroom is student centered, where she provides the opportunity for hands-on investigation and fun! Ms. Shelby is looking forward to integrating her passion for fun into the classroom and having a wonderful school year with her students.

Ms. Marialejandra Alvarado, BA, Cert. Teaching, DALF .
Pre-K Teacher

  • Ms. Marialejandra is from Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a B.A. in Education from UCV, an International Teaching Certificate from TTC, USA, and a DALF by the French Education Ministry. Ms. Mariale has been working with Early Childhood Education for over 8 years. Her experience includes teaching Kindergarten at a French School, Spanish for Kindergarten, Preschool at an International School in Venezuela.  She has training and experience in Teaching and Learning with Technology, Special Needs Students, EAL in the Mainstream Classroom, Curriculum Design, and Skillful Teaching for Early Childhood. Ms. Mariale is very excited about teaching Pre-K at NVS, as well as about discovering life in Khartoum and Sudan.

Ms. Awatif Ali BSc.
Art Teacher

  • Ms. Awatif has Bachelor in Fine Art-Sculpture with 15 years experience in teaching art . This year will be her 2nd year as an Art teacher at NVS .
  • Ms. Awatif Participated in many national and international exhibitions . she represented Sudan in Al Sharjah Biennial 2002 - 2003 , also Participated with top Suadanes artists in School of Khartoum - Al Sharjah 2017 , and constructs decorations for children theater .
  • Ms. Awatif teaches art to motivate children to think creatively and positively towards their future careers .

Mr. Hassan El Mahi Hussein,BSc,MA.
Music Teacher

  • German language in Iinlingua sprach schule Frankfurt 1979-1980.
  • High institute for music and drama 2 years 1980 .
  • Music Teacher Omdurman youth center (2000).
  • General Manger: music and arts office at house of culture for 7 years (1991 – 1997).
  • Composer and Music Supervisor: Hassad & Sara brood cast Companies (1997 – 2000).
  • Music Teacher at Cambridge International Schools 8/2009 - 5/7/2012.
  • Music Teacher & Public Relational at Nile Valley School from 2013 till Now
  • Five audio visual massages, in reproductive health program, " UNFPA" united nation organizations 2006.
  • The National Collage for Medicine - graduation day program for 2 years (2010 – 2011).
  • Ahfad University for Woman- woman international day programs (2004-2006).
  • The 7th European music therapy congress conference Netherlands (2007).
  • Scientific Papers :

  • Appling music therapy at three psychiatrics hospitals, Eltegany Elmahi, Khartoum psychiatric department, and the Military psychiatric hospitals (2007- 2010).

Ms. Maaza yahia fadul Bsc,MA.
Music Teacher

  • Ms. Maaza got Bachelor of Management in Business administration of Ahfad University for women 2010 .
  • Certification

  • all women weeks activities at Ahfad university for women .
  • Diploma in International music teacher at star training center.
  • playing Guitar ,Drums and Keyboard and also The best student of social and cultural activities from ahfad university.
  • Music workshops

  • YES ACADMY program at American embassy .
  • Nile Valley School from 2013 up to date .
  • Drummer and keyboard player at TANOOR band from 2016 up to date .

Ms. Flora
Student Support Services

Ms.Tamika Manson, BA, MA, Teaching Cert., PgCert.
4th Grade Elementary

  • Ms. Tamika is from United States of America. She holds a BA Prelaw (Indiana State University), an MA Elementary Education K-6 (Oakland City University), and Educational Leadership Certification K-12 (University of Indianapolis). She has current teaching licensure in Indiana and Florida. She has 11 completed years of certified classroom teaching experience. This will be her first year teaching at Nile Valley School.
  • She has worked with a variety of students including general education, English language learners, and students with exceptional abilities. Each opportunity has taught her that it is imperative to meet students at their point of need through differentiation of lessons. She is delighted to be in Sudan.

Mr.Maysra Mahjoub,BSc,MA.
Arabic Teacher

Ms. Amna Ibrahim Mohamed,BSc, MA.
Arabic Teacher

  • Master’s Degree in Arabic Language and Geography University of Khartoum, Sudan


  • Al Rushed Private Secondary from 2010 to 2011.
  • Al Gabbas Private Secondary from 2011 to 2014.
  • Westminster International School (Sudan) from 2014 to 2015.
  • Nile Valley School (NVS) from 2015 up to now.

Ms. Mohammed Satti,BSc.
Administration Assistant

  • BSC Sudan University of Science and Technology
  • He Worked at NVA For One Year
  • Entering his Six year at NVS

Ms. Yasmin Kamal Abdallah,BSc.
Arabic Teacher

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology University of Ahfad, Khartoum, Sudan