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Career Opportunities

Teaching at NVS

Every year, Nile Valley School welcomes new educators to an already existing ethnical diverse faculty of educational professionals who bring them a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and expertise in order to enhance teaching and learning. We believe that well qualified teachers provide the foundation for student achievement and success. Nile Valley School provides educators, who are committed to education, with a unique opportunity to growth both personally and professionally.
At Nile Valley School, we are continuously seeking to recruit highly qualified teachers and administrators (preferably holding a Master’s degree) with at least two years of successful teaching experience in the field of application. We are also seeking specialized teachers who possess knowledge, skills and leadership potential that they can share with colleagues. All aspiring NVS teachers must demonstrate a willingness to embrace the school’s philosophy of education, mission and values, and support the school’s effort to implement its strategic goals.
There are certain qualities that we are looking for in the recruitment of new staff. Aspiring NVS educators are encouraged to review the criteria below in order to make an informed decision whether Nile Valley School is the right school for them.
Teachers at Nile Valley School:
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative and are engaged role models who lead, inspire, and promote student learning;
  • Possess a solid understanding of child development at different development stages;
  • Are knowledgeable regarding subject specific curriculum content and current trends in education, and use this information to support planning;
  • Set high goals for students and their success as learners;
  • Are committed to collaborating and sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise within a community of learners;
  • Are knowledgeable about best practices including teaching/instructional methodologies, assessment and evaluation, and classroom management;
  • Are reflection practitioners who identify and set new goals in order improve their professional goals;
  • Demonstrate initiative and engage in professional development opportunities both in the school and beyond;
  • Are experienced in providing differentiated learning opportunities and inclusive practices through individualized programming;
  • Are experienced in collaborative curriculum design and top-down approach to lesson/unit planning;
  • Are committed to developing students’ literacy skills and integrating technology into teaching and learning across all curriculum areas;
  • Are committed to supporting extracurricular activities based on students’ interests and
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and willingly embraces challenges and change.
Nile Valley School – Khartoum is committed to providing a salary and benefits package competitive with leading Sudanese international schools. Please contact us for more information and visit the school’s website for new vacancies.

Application Process

Applicants interested in positions at Nile Valley School should send their CV to If successful, a completed application is required. In addition you will be required to forward the following documentation:
  1. A cover letter (approximately one page) addressed to the school Superintendent, which describes the specific position(s) of interest to the applicant, explains the applicant’s professional aspirations, relevant experiences, as well as the applicant’s availability and pertinent personal information;
  2. A current resume, which includes date of birth, citizenship, and current contact information;
  3. Letters of recommendation;
  4. A list of references which includes the names and contact details of current and past supervisors;
  5. Police clearance;
  6. Medical report (HIV and Hepatitis);
  7. Attested degrees (i.e. B.A,/BSc, Masters, and Doctorate);
  8. Valid teaching certificate/license and
  9. Passport (information/photo page).

Opened Vacancies

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